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27 May 2019

Eco Ply Barrier

New trends, new products, and new ways of doing things.


This blog post I thought I’d share a bit about ecoply. One of the best things about working in the building industry is seeing how trends change, new and better products come in, and new tools change the way you do things.


Plus, you know a product is good when you think ‘I’ll be using that on the next house I build for myself!’ And that’s the case with ecoply. We are using it more and more now in renovations and new builds. 


Ecoply® Barrier is a building material which provides a barrier and structural bracing to weathertight buildings. Rigid air barrier systems use a solid substrate, combined with a tape system to block air flow and prevent air pressure and water infiltrating the building from the outside.


So we can use this rather than traditional building wrap, and it means that work doesn’t stop while you’re waiting for the outside of the building to be clad, work can continue uninterrupted on the inside of the house.


When using traditional building wrap, no gib can go up on the inside until the outside of the building is completely clad. By using Ecoply, work can continue on both the inside and outside of the building as this provides an immediate close-in of the structure. It’s also light weight and easy to work with and quick to install. It’s a great way to insure we stick to time lines and avoid delays!


Also, at the end of the build, you can really notice how much warmer the house feels. There’s a secondary line of defence against moisture and reduced air flow so it’s also easier to heat and cool your home as well.


Totally worth the upgrade from wrap and a product I’d recommend and will be using myself in the future on our next build in Queenstown!